Golf Lessons: How To Deal With A Fried Egg Lie

There are so many players out there who are trying hard to improve their game. Beginner players in particular normally have a rough time getting this through, because they are struggling to learn the basics and at the same time they are also trying to perfect on the precision moves. As a learner, you need not rush things. In most cases your effort and progress will depend on the kind of teacher that you have. Do not be in a hurry to learn the precision moves yet. Try and perfect the basics then from there you can proceed to hasten on the expert moves.

  • What is a fried egg lie?
  • Hitting the plugged ball

What is a fried egg lie?

Dealing with a fried egg or a fried egg lie is one of those things that you have to be prepared for. A fried egg lie is a golf ball that has been buried in a bunker. This is all a matter of physics. The ball is hard and when it lands on soft sand with the force of your stroke, it is certain to sink in, leaving in its wake a splash pattern.

Only the top part of the ball is normally visible from this, while the rest of the ball is dug deep in the bunker. It is because of this reason that it is referred to as a fried egg lie, because it has the resemblance of the yolk at the center of a fried egg.

Hitting the plugged ball

Hitting the plugged ball from the sand is not really a hard thing to do, though the same cannot be said of amateur players. There is nothing different in playing this than when you are playing a normal sand shot. For this particular shot, you will be trying to make sure that you strike the edge of the crater that has been formed around the ball. As you do this, the face of your club should swing right underneath the ball.

Remember that as a result of the ball having settled deep into the sand, you will need to exert more force on your stroke than you would when performing a normal swing. Of course this is something that will take you some time to practice, but with due diligence, you should be able to master the basics.

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