Important Factors To Consider If You Want To Buy A Chipper

It becomes overwhelming sometimes to not know the right trajectory of your shots using each club. It is not a good idea to chip with the same club all the time. If you do not feel at ease while you hit bump and run shot, you need to assess the kind of clubs you are using. You might need a good set of chippers and consider the following tips before you buy a chipping club.

  • A chipper is also called a putter chipper, which has a club head like that of a putter. It is lofted roughly 30-37 degrees, which is almost similar to 7-8 iron. It lets you to take a chip shot when you employ a putt shot.
  • You can use a chipper to tackle a wide range of greenside shots. Thus, if you do not want a club which is more lofted, you must choose a chipping club.
  • It is important to know the trajectory of your chippers. You can judge the trajectory of the chip using any club. Lay down the club on the turf with the clubface facing up, with the shaft in the direction of your target. Then, step down on the face of the club until the club back is laying flat against the turf. Now, the shaft will rise to a particular angle, which is the trajectory of the golf shots you can make with that particular club.
  • A standard chipper is the iron club, which is designed mainly for using off the greens (putting greens). They usually have a loft more than 10 degrees.
  • You must know that a double sided chipper with two surfaces for striking is illegal according to the rules of golf. The legal chipper must have only one striking surface.
  • While you plan to buy a chipper, you can only perform chipping shots with it. You can also consider buying hybrids, which can be used to hit other shots as well.
  • If you do not play much of golf round the year, you must buy less expensive chippers. In addition, if you are new to golf, you may like to grab expensive putters later. It is better to refine your hand with low-cost clubs at first. You can always trade the discounted chippers for the expensive ones at a later stage.
  • You can also go online and look around for hand-me-down chippers. You will save significantly on your money.
  • Try your chippers before you buy them. Make an effort to find a dealer, who lets you try the chippers to see for yourself if you want those clubs. You will be able to make a better decision when you are able to try them.

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Review green fees and other expenses not included in your golf holiday package. You want to make sure there are no hidden fees or surprises that could make your trip a bust.

Make plans flexible. Be open to doing other activities besides golf. Make the most of your time on the course and be considerate of other golfers.

Have a list of must-pack items created before you pack. You can get this information from other golfers you know that have taken a similar holiday. You can also review this information through trusted golf publications offering travel tips. You will also want to learn about how to take items you will use on the course such as golf clubs. You could have them sent ahead to your destination before your arrival.

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