Left Hand Golf Tips for Establishing the Correct Grip on the Club

The grip is the most important factor when it comes to executing the perfect swing in golf. You will have heard this statement a million times before, but it is very true. With the perfect grip you will be able to swing the club perfectly and achieve the right movement of the ball. Most people on the golf course struggle with finding the right way to grip the club; however, this is as simple as using the orthodox grip. Below you will find a description of how you should grip the ball perfectly using the left hand as the foundation to the perfect grip.

  • The first rule of the left hand grip on a golf club is to keep its back facing the target at all times. Make sure that you only close the left hand when this rule is satisfied.
  • When closing the left hand on the golf club, the thumb will initially be aligned parallel to the club. Turn the hand towards the right side of the club’s shaft for a better and stronger grip. You will be able to feel how different the grip is at this new thumb position.
  • To keep the club well soled on the ground during the swing, you will need to ensure that the left hand grip is at a certain angle on the shaft. The shaft should be running down from just below the inside knuckle of the little finger, to the middle knuckle of the index finger.
  • For a perfect grip it is also important to ensure that the fingers on the hand are properly aligned and spaced. The little finger through to the middle finger should not be spaced; they should instead remain closely packed together. The index finger will be separated from the other fingers by a small gap to provide some leverage against the thumb.
  • Make sure that the thumb is always pressing against the other fingers and the index finger in particular by positioning it on the inside right of the shaft as described above.
  • With this grip you will enjoy more power and control when taking any shots.
  • You can test how firm your left hand grip is by pressing the club’s handle between the appropriately positioned fingers and the palm while the thumb is not involved in the grip. This grip should secure the club strongly.

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