What Should I Do To Stop Skying The Golf Ball?

We’ve seen it and played it several times in our golf career, the skyball or pop-up is one of the most detested outcomes of a golf drive. It’s embarrassing to produce one when playing with friends and colleagues. So, to avoid skying the ball what should you do? Let’s find out.

Before anything else, let’s discuss what skying the golf ball or skyball means? It’s a shot that’s played off the tee. The ball hits the upper region of the club face or sometimes its crown to pop-up high in the air without covering much distance. Often times, the mishit results in a scratch on the top or crown of the club face.

What causes skying of the golf ball?

The leading cause of skying is that the golf club passes under the ball at the time of contact. What this means is that instead of the ball hitting the middle of the club face, it either hits the top or crown of the club when it passes the ball. Experts point to a couple of reasons that cause skying; we’ll discuss both the reasons with you and also share the remedy to cure skying.

Teeing the ball too high

Sometimes skying may occur if you’re teeing too high. When the ball hits the center of the club face, the sweet spot of the club, a glorious drive ensues. But when the tee is too high, the ball will catch the top or crown of the club. To set the ball at the right tee height, check the position. When the club is positioned near the ball, just less than half of the ball must be visible above the club face. This will be the right tee height to hit the center of the club. Practice with this setup at the driving range; it still proves to be too high, lower it further.

Faulty weight transfer

Another common reason for skying the ball is erroneous weight transfer on the downswing. The club will catch the ball on the downward stroke, resulting in a pop-up. To correct this error and create an upward hit, you should stay back slightly (lean back) and keep your head behind the ball when addressing the ball. Keep in mind that you’ll make a mess of the drive if you lean back too much. End the stroke with a normal follow through. The best way to correct the error is to practice at the driving range.

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