4 Tried And True Tips On How To Fade A Golf Ball

The fade shot in golf can be a little tricky to master. Golfers can work on mastering this shot when they develop strong consistency in hitting the ball straight. The fade shot a little different from simply hitting the ball straight. You start off hitting the ball to make it go straight but with good precision you can make it go to the left as it is in motion. This shot is handy for holes that may sit off to the right of your position on the course. Here are 4 tips to help you hit a fade ball on the golf course.

  1. Watch positioning of your shoulders when addressing the ball. Some players may not have their shoulders in proper alignment as they setup for the shot. The shoulders and arms will help you create the movement the ball needs in order to achieve a successful shot. Your shoulders also help you maintain control of your club and how you use it to make contact with the ball. This element also plays a role in how you hit the ball to make it go on the line you visualize before the shot.
  2. Your front foot should be moved out just a bit. Moving your front foot out just a bit helps you obtain leverage during the shot. As you hit the ball being forward just a bit with your lead foot can give you better precision when you hit the ball. This aspect can encourage you to use your club head to hit toward the ball at the right point of impact.
  3. Foot and shoulder position should change as you aim left of target. When you hit the ball try to aim toward the left when you swing. Just a slight aim to the left can help start your fade shot. Shoulder and feet position is also important. They should help you make the shift toward the left as you move and swing through.
  4. As you come into contact with ball angle of club head should change. When you swing and get ready to make contact with the ball the angle of the club face should change slightly toward the left. This motion likely occurs with the previous tip mentioned. This helps aim the face of the club toward the left to create the angle needed to create fade.

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