Advanced Golf Instruction On How To Draw The Ball

Hitting a draw is not an easy task for many golfers. But once you understand the science of a draw shot, it becomes extremely simple to pull one off. Here is a commonly used technique on how to hit a draw shot as well as how to understand the dynamics of the shot.

First, let’s look at what you must do to draw the ball, and then we can look at the science of why this method works.

  • Clubface slightly closed at address
  • Gripping is an integral part of this entire process. Hold your club in front of you and close the clubface by about ten degrees. Once the clubface is slightly closed, establish your grip without accidentally straightening the club again.

  • Aim feet one notch to the right
  • Your feet should not be pointing to the target. Instead, point them ever so slightly to the right of your target. Again, ten degrees or less should be just about the right amount. Make sure your whole body works with your feet. Don’t make the mistake of aiming your feet right, but keeping your body aimed at the target.

  • Swing path two notches to the right
  • Swing path should follow your body aim on the upswing. But on the downswing, aim even more to the right. Visualize the ball ascending in the direction you want. Don’t worry about the draw to the left; that will happen on its own.

  • The science of a draw shot
  • As you’ve probably worked out, the more you close the clubface, the more it will veer to the left while in midair. The aim, on the other hand, will determine which way the ball goes while it is ascending. Knowing this should help you to draw the ball to various degrees, depending on how far out you want it to travel—either left or right.

Remember that every golfer plays differently. If you have a tendency to hit a certain shot most of the time, then accommodate your habits by tweaking your draw stance. For instance, if you usually slice the ball, try closing the clubface slightly more so that it veers more to the left while in the air. However, if you hit fade shots, it’s best to open it slightly, or aim further to the right as a tweak. As you practice this shot, you will learn how to vary each of the three processes involved.

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