How To Hit A Bunker Blast From A Downhill Lie In Golf

There is no doubt that a bunker shot is a pretty difficult shot in golf – not to mention it’s downhill! Hitting a sand save out of a bunker downhill is extremely difficult; the control will be hard to judge, the spin will be impossible to predict and the strike will be quite difficult to manage. However, it is pretty likely that throughout your time playing golf, you will occasionally get this shot. Now here are some tips to keep in mind when you are facing this near-impossible shot.

Don’t go easy on the ball

Being on a downhill lie would automatically deloft your club. That means the ball would come out lower and roll more. The less speed you deliver your club head into the ball, the less spin it would impart and that means more roll. To put it simply, you don’t want that. You want as much spin as you can get! You have to give the ball a mighty blow and hope for more spin. That would give you a higher chance for a par.

Level your shoulders with the slope

This is very important if you wish to improve your strike and make it more consistent. Leveling your shoulders with the slope would help with delivering the club into the sand in the right place. Otherwise, you would be blading or fatting quite a few shots and you could easily get frustrated. That’s not what you want when you are playing golf right? Just follow this simple step!

Stay down on the ball

Don’t try to help the ball get up or try to launch it. It would only make things worse. Instead, just stay down on it and keep the through swing lower. You don’t need a high follow through for this shot, as you are just trying to pop it out. Don’t try to hit it high, because you won’t be able to do that – it’s just physically impossible.

Weight stays left ALL the time

The most important thing to do is to maintain your weight towards the left side of your body. Not only will this help with your strike, it would help with consistency. Hitting a bunker shot from a downhill lie is difficult because consistency is questionable. Now, if you keep it down the left, you would hit every single bunker blast exactly the same. It’s very easy and you can also master this shot.

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