Golf Fundamentals For Beginners: 5 Swing Takeaway Tips

There are some good tips you can learn and memorize as a beginner that will quickly push up your game performance. Since swinging is the most difficult part of golf to master, get these five basics into your head and make sure they become a natural part of your games.

A good spring results in a straight swing

Initiating the spring effect during a swing is one of the basics that may take a while for you to master. However, it should be the first swinging technique you learn to ensure accuracy of your shots. The point of a spring effect is so that your downswing moves along the same path as your upswing. Logic says that if your start your address correctly, and manage to pull your club up straight, then a spring will ensure that the club meets the ball at the same point you addressed it at.

Your arms are not meant to lift the ball

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your arms should manipulate the ball in any way during the downswing. As a follow up to the first tip, let the club come back down naturally as straight as what it went up. There are no arm movements necessary except to keep them as straight along your swing path as possible.

The 1-second pause

Stopping your swing mid-air can make a big difference in your concentration. Getting into the habit of pausing for a second will give you a gap to check whether your swing points are all in check. Golfers who pause often ‘cancel’ their swing while in mid-air because they recognize that something is not in place. They would rather start over and reposition their address than make a bad shot.

Keep your left arm against your side

It’s a simple rule that must be followed at all times. If you are a right hand player, keep your left arm against your side during the entire swing. If you are struggling with this, put a ball under your left armpit to create this habit.

Keep your head down while you swing

One of the most fundamental basics is to always keep your eyes on the ball—even a second after it has taken off. Lifting your head prematurely will mess up your concentration and your aim. Keeping it down will ensure solid contact every time and prevent that anticipated rush during your swing.

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