Golf Set Up Tips: What To Know About Proper Alignment

Every single part of your body plays an important role on the kind of game that you bring to the course. This is one of the most important tips that perhaps not so many people will ever tell you, but you need to know it anyway. Your alignment is important to the kind of game that you will have. It can either make or break your game.

Those who are misaligned will in most cases send the ball elsewhere other than where it was intended to go. Swinging out of alignment is a common beginner mistake, which we will teach you how to avoid.

Start off with your position

Make sure that you stand at least 10 feet away from the ball. At this distance you have the perfect position for a good alignment. Ensure that in this position you stay directly behind the ball by all means possible. As you do that, grab your club by the grips.

Determine the target

Next after that you will need to set the target of the ball. While still keeping your position, gaze upon the target and memorize this because it will act as your guide when you are striking the ball. As you will come to learn, you are not supposed to lift your head up from the ball until it is off in the air. Anything other than this will only make you deliver a terrible shot. Keeping your gaze off the ball as you try to hit it will make you lose focus and at that last instant when you make impact with the ball, everything else will fall apart.

Address the ball

While addressing the ball, ensure that you maintain a lean body, and stay square with respect to the designated target line. Of course as you do this, you must ensure that you keep in mind where the target is. You do not want to lose focus.

Set your feet in the perfect position to the club. As you do this, try and ensure that the line of the shot is in correspondence with your body. In this case to be precise the line has to correspond to your toes, the hips and the knees. Together with your shoulders, all of these correspondents need to be parallel to the target line in order for you to make a good shot.

Book The Best Golf Resorts

Review green fees and other expenses not included in your golf holiday package. You want to make sure there are no hidden fees or surprises that could make your trip a bust.

Make plans flexible. Be open to doing other activities besides golf. Make the most of your time on the course and be considerate of other golfers.

Have a list of must-pack items created before you pack. You can get this information from other golfers you know that have taken a similar holiday. You can also review this information through trusted golf publications offering travel tips. You will also want to learn about how to take items you will use on the course such as golf clubs. You could have them sent ahead to your destination before your arrival.

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