Golf Bunker Play Basics: 5 Common Errors

When it comes to playing in sand bunkers, most golfers will be intimidated by the challenge. Every time the ball falls into a sand bunker players usually dread what follows. However, with the right practice and preparation, this shot can be converted into a simple shot that is no different from the others you have to take in terms of difficulty. It is important to remember that regular game play tips and tactics usually have little or no effect when it comes to making these shots. This makes it necessary to have some dedicated tips designed to handle this demanding challenge.

Before you start looking for the best tips to help you sharpen your bunker play, it is important to begin by identifying the common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Many amateur golfers usually don’t know where to position the ball relative to their play. During bunker play, always make sure that you position the ball slightly forward of the center of your stance. Moving the ball too far in front will result in slicing the ball on the upward swing while too far behind means hitting the ball downwards.
  2. When positioning themselves over the ball in the sand, most golfers usually forget to shuffle their feet into the sand. This is important as it helps to give the golfer a better feel of the sand and surface as well as providing the necessary stable support. By not getting your shoes dug into the sand your feet are bound to shift too easily during your down swing.
  3. Hitting the ball at high speed is not a preference but a necessity. When trying to get the ball out of the sand you will need a lot of speed on your swing. Most amateurs usually try to control the speed of the club and hence only transfer a fraction of the necessary power.
  4. Gripping the golf club far up the handle is another common mistake. This shot requires a lot of strength and control. This can only be achieved by gripping the shaft a bit lower than normal.
  5. Most golfers usually let the club hover at the rear of the ball; however, to get the desired lift on impact it is recommended that you let the club hover above the ball. This helps make an acute lift on your backswing which is needed for this shot.

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