How To Create More Power In Your Swing: Golf Tutorial

Imagine you are on a 450 yards par-4 and you really want to beat your buddy. However, it’s almost impossible to reach the hole in two shots, so what can you do? Well, the most logical thing to do would be to get some more power out of every shot! That has to come from practice and you need to be practising properly. Here are some tips for you to get more power in your swing:

Use the ground

When you watch T.V., you see all the pros just dip down in the downswing. That’s because they are making use of the ground to generate a crazy amount of power. By doing that, they are essentially transferring the energy generated from their legs into the ball as well. This is a bit of a difficult concept, but normally a golfer would only transfer upper body strength into the ball, but the best guys can transfer the strength of the WHOLE body into the ball.

Start hitting the gym

That doesn’t mean you have to be benching 300 pounds straight away, but some strength and conditioning would certainly help. Golf is a weird game and you shouldn’t be training your anterior muscles or the muscles in the front of your body. If you were looking to create more power, you need to be working on your posterior muscles; that is your back, your gluteus (butt muscles) and your quadriceps. If you manage to get these muscles bulked up, you will immediately get a lot more power.

Slightly in-to-out swing path

Swinging slightly in-to-out would generate the most power and the power would be retained as well! That means you are essentially transferring almost all the energy generated from your body! That is ideal, as energy losses during the swing would result in a lot of distance lost.

Swing longer

This would only work if you can get the timing right. Swinging longer means you have more time to generate speed in the downswing. Theoretically, you would hit some very long shots. Looking at the longest hitters, they over swing their golf club by miles! So, as long as you can get the timing right, you can easily hit your tee shot 10-20 yards longer. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

However, if you can’t do that, I would suggest you NOT to do this, as it could affect your strike at the ball.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide and it should help with hitting longer golf shots.

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