Top 5 Golf Drills For Improving Your Putting Mechanics

Improving putting abilities is an important aspect of golf. Many holes played on the course required putting abilities to be accurate to produce a good shot. There are a number of elements to consider in improving your abilities, but they depend on areas you feel you need improvement most. You may need to make small changes to how you setup, read the greens or how you hold your iron. There are drills that can help you in different aspects of putting including the following.

  1. Practice being able to hit in a straight line with a path drill. Use two clubs to make a path on the green for your ball. Try to hit the ball and having it roll without touching the clubs. This helps you create an imaginary target line for your ball to travel when playing at a hole.
  2. For long range and distance control practice consider a ladder drill. Place one tee on the ground and continue the process at every ten feet. Try to get your ball to stop at each tee or as close as possible.
  3. In what is called a box drill you can imagine a box around the hole or your target. Try to hit the ball to land in the box. You can continue this by moving back away from your target after each turn. This is great for long putting practice.
  4. To help address the ball and make your putts quicker on the green, you can practice with the circle drill. This helps you learn to be comfortable and relaxed but enables you to take your shots (short putts) quicker while reading the break. Take several balls and line them up around the hole. Read the ball and address it then make your shot. If you miss a ball you can go back and try again by putting the ball back in place.
  5. Use three golf clubs and place them around the hole. You will then try to make the ball reach the hole but you should be a few feet back before making your attempt. This can help you with scoring depending on where you ball stops. If you hit a club you lose a point. If the ball lands in the hole you get a point. If you get the ball through the clubs without touching but miss the hole you get zero.

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Make plans flexible. Be open to doing other activities besides golf. Make the most of your time on the course and be considerate of other golfers.

Have a list of must-pack items created before you pack. You can get this information from other golfers you know that have taken a similar holiday. You can also review this information through trusted golf publications offering travel tips. You will also want to learn about how to take items you will use on the course such as golf clubs. You could have them sent ahead to your destination before your arrival.

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