Top 5 Golf Pitching Drills For Indoor Practice

Pitching drills can help you understand tempo, swing and balance. There are several elements such drills can help you improve, but overtime as you practice you should see your game improve significantly. There are drills that help you focus on certain elements of the shot. The ability to tweak your technique can help you make better plays when you use a drill to assist in making the change. The good news is most drills available are easy to complete and you can make adjustments as necessary to ensure results.

  1. Develop good feel and follow through with underhand tossing. Underhand tossing is a common drill practiced by golfers of all play levels. As you learn technical aspects about pitching you will want to look into ways of perfecting your movements. Underhand tossing helps you understand how the ball moves and travels from the point of impact from your club. You can have target areas on the floor to toss toward.
  2. Swing positioning as you use your arms as hands for a clock (distance drill). To help you understand elements of distance you can do a swing drill with your arms. Put your hands in position as if you are holding a club in your hand (you could do this with a club if you want). Practice the motion of swinging and pay attention to the position of your arms (9 to 12 0’clock are good areas to focus on).
  3. Target practice with a few objects in different areas include close and distance range. This can help you understand distance control and how to be consistent. Even though you are aiming for different areas, your technique should be the same with differences in your backstroke for power and control. You can use your club to hit the ball to certain targets positioned throughout the floor.
  4. Practice shorter swings to reduce risk of deceleration before impact. (practice for your downswing) This encourages better distance and power. You can do this with or without your club. You can also stand in front of a mirror to get an idea of your form while taking the shot.
  5. Practice consistency with a target zone. You may want to practice how you hit the ball to achieve good roll and spin. You can use different clubs to get an idea of how to achieve your target.

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